Profit from sustainability

SCHAUMANN believes that winning livestock results are paramount for the customer. The extensive product range helps to achieve higher yields in animal production with reduced use of resources. At the same time, our aim is to increase the effectiveness of your own business through technical progress and innovation.

SCHAUMANN silage additives improve the cost-effectiveness of silage production

The silage additives, specially developed and produced by SCHAUMANN, are just one example of the impact on increased profitability. These additives optimise the use of the staple feed and, therefore, also the available resources by reducing silage losses and increasing the feed value of silage.
The cost of using the silage additive is generally significantly below the extra revenue that can be achieved, due to the higher energy yield, from the same amount of grass or corn silage. The cost effectiveness of silage production is therefore improved through the use of silage additives.

Investment in advanced research and development

Of course, SCHAUMANN also cares about its own profitability. Striving to achieve secure and efficient production methods while continuously reducing costs also serves the long-term success of the company. The group makes continuous investment in advanced research and development.
The group's own Gut Hülsenberg estate and agricultural operations reflects the latest state-of-art best industry practice and the laboratory complex of ISF Schaumann Research uses the latest analysis technologies. This ensures continuous quality assurance of the products, advanced new developments and constant review of the effectiveness of the SCHAUMANN products.