Animal welfare

Sustainability and animal welfare

Alongside the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability, the central focus for SCHAUMANN is the welfare of the animal. In this respect, the health of the animals plays a key role. Many of the active ingredients developed and produced by SCHAUMANN have a positive influence on animal health.

Feed has a crucial impact on animal welfare

Animal welfare is not just a question of animal husbandry, it also includes appropriate feeding for animal health. This sets the basic foundation for well-being and performance in livestock production. The quantity and composition of the feed that is given must be matched to the need.

The influence of special ingredients on nutrient availability and health

Probiotics, fermentation products from solid fermentation and organically bound trace elements improve the digestibility and availability of the feed that is used. This will achieve a reduction in intestinal diseases, improved claw health and fertility and a reduction in the excretion of nutrients and trace elements.

Improved utilisation of in-house feed

By improving the utilisation of in-house animal fodder and feed, the amount of purchased feed is also reduced, therefore conserving existing raw material resources. Innovative active ingredients enable animal and environmentally friendly feeding while at the same time improving cost effectiveness and overall efficiency.