Energie und Klima
Energy and climate

Sustainable protection of energy and climate

Acting environmentally sound and in an effective manner means, above all, the responsible use of resources and the reduction of emissions. This objective is pursued and implemented not just in the in-house processes of our own company, but also in agricultural production at the customer.

Reduced energy consumption due to the certified energy management system in SCHAUMANN factories

Regular internal checks as well as external audits and certification at SCHAUMANN factories, in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard, ensure continuous control and improvement of the efficient use of energy. Within the framework of the energy management system (EnMS), energy flows are systematically recorded and optimised in compliance with statutory requirements.

Climate friendly milk and biogas production at Gut Hülsenberg

In cooperation with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, the greenhouse gas balance sheets, or carbon footprints, for milk production, including forage and biogas production were assessed at the Gut Hülsenberg estate. These assessments indicated the strengths of the company, from the perspective of climate protection, and form the basis for further potential improvements.

Less environmental impact through the use of highly available raw materials

The use of the active ingredients developed by SCHAUMANN results in a high bio-availability of various nutrients and reduces animal excretions. The result is less pollution of the environment and a positive impact on the material flow balance.

Use of environmentally friendly packaging

When selecting packaging materials, SCHAUMANN makes sure that raw materials are approved for use in the animal and plant nutrition sector and avoid contamination of the environment. This is achieved, firstly, by returning packaging back to the production cycle through reconditioning. And secondly, materials are recycled using the Green Dot system.