Praxisorientierte Forschung
Practice-oriented Research

Science and a practical, hands-on approach is a winning combination

We develop products for you that combine state-of-art scientific knowledge with the highest level of quality and cost effectiveness.

We are convinced that science should go hand-in-hand with farming practice and some of the examples of our effective work include the EU-wide approved probiotics from SCHAUMANN, the biological ensiling agent range of products, various active ingredient developments and special products, and the extensive feed acidifier range of products.

We have continuously invested in optimising SCHAUMANN feed and feed conservation plans since 1938. ISF Schaumann Research is involved in the development of new active ingredients, probiotics and silage additives and the analyses of animal feed. The Gut H├╝lsenberg farm estate has a herd of almost 260 cows and 650 hectares of agricultural land, so that product innovations are tested directly for their practical suitability.
Through this and the constant dialogue with our cooperation partners, we are able to intertwine the latest scientific knowledge perfectly with our practical experience of new product innovation.