Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung
Social responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility

As a family-owned agricultural company, SCHAUMANN sees itself as a part of society and recognises its social responsibility to its employees and the agricultural community.

Strengthening long-term customer relationships

A primary objective is to reinforce long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. SCHAUMANN advisers are specially trained and seek to engage in a personal dialogue with farmers to ensure comprehensive advice and create individual feeding plans for the farm.

Continuous professional development of employees

SCHAUMANN invests in the continuous professional development of its employees in order to ensure consistently high-quality advice and support for our customers. Furthermore, we provide an extensive package of healthcare and social benefits to promote the motivation, satisfaction and performance of employees.

Promoting dedicated specialists at an early stage

SCHAUMANN places particular emphasis on engaging talented young people to create the basis for sustainable development of feed specialists for the future. Through university careers fairs, student seminars and work experience placements in the company, interested young people are given an initial insight into their professional career and the world of employment at all levels within SCHAUMANN.

Foundation for the Promotion of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

The H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation was established as an independent institution, with the primary purpose of providing non-profit funding of animal and agricultural sciences and in particular of promoting young scientists. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting projects that offer long-term use and benefit to agricultural use.

Community and public relations

SCHAUMANN also takes part in the community and social events of its customers. Agricultural events and competition shows are supported through financial sponsorship and donations in kind. The corporate group supports rural communities through a wide range of specific activities.