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Mineral feed for fattening – NATUPIG for pig fattening

Fattening pigs

NATUPIG products enable the creation of low-protein and low-phosphorous feed blends that meet the requirements of the German Fertiliser Application Ordinance. The new products (see Fig. 1 and 2) have been successfully trialled on farms.

Using resources efficiently and optimising feed costs

Reducing the amount of soybean meal in a feed blend by 2 to 3% – without adding extra amino acids – presents a huge savings potential for individual farms. If a farm has 1000 fattening spaces, they can save up to 24 t/year in soybean meal by feeding NATUPIG (see Fig. 3).

NATUPIG – Use in practice

The Rottler farm in Bergen (semi-enclosed system, 250 PIC sows, 1200 fattening spaces with liquid feeding) has used fattening blends containing the NATUPIG CERAVITAL XP active ingredient since spring 2019 (see Fig. 4). In comparison to previous blends using a mineral feed (lysine, methionine and threonine) with the same amino acid content, 2% less HP soybean meal was used in all fattening stages.

At a high performance level of 871 g in daily weight gain and a feed conversion of 1:2.72, the lean meat proportion remained at a high level of over 60%, even after converting to a feed containing less soybean meal and without compensation via free amino acids (see Fig. 5).

Converting to NATUPIG mineral feed saves on soybean meal and reduces both feed costs and nutrient excretion, all while maintaining sales revenues.

Opportunities in pig fattening with NATUPIG
Fig. 1: New opportunities in pig fattening with NATUPIG
Advantages of using CERAVITAL XP
Fig. 2: Advantages of using CERAVITAL XP
Soybean meal savings potential from using NATUPIG
Fig. 3: Soybean meal savings potential from using NATUPIG
Fattening blend
Fig. 4: Fattening blend at Rottler farm
Slaughter evaluation
Fig. 5: Rottler farm slaughter evaluation