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RINDAMIN BP improves fat and protein contents in milk


RINDAMIN BP contains a special combination of three highly effective buffer substances that prevent excessive acidification. The result: stable feed intake with constant milk production and stable milk fat levels.

Areas of application

  • High proportion of maize silage
  • Highly digestible fodder
  • Lower fibre content < 11% SRF
  • Very finely chopped fodder
  • High usage of byproducts with small particle sizes
  • High concentrate content
  • Low milk fat content
  • Wet rations
  • Heat stress

Results from the farm

RINDAMIN BP has a positive impact on performance (see Fig. 1). On a customer farm with 65 black and white cattle and a herd yield of 10,700 kg milk, 150 g RINDAMIN BP was added to the ration per cow per day. By using RINDAMIN BP, fat and protein contents in the milk increased while yields remained the same (see Fig. 1). In addition, a reduction in cell counts was noted.

The use of a rumen buffer is recommended, particularly in the event of heat stress

Results of using RINDAMIN BP

(Application of 150 g RINDAMIN BP per cow per day from 10/09, n=65)