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CERAVITAL XP - Get more out of your calf feed

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CERAVITAL XP efficiently dissolves cell walls, making the enclosed protein more usable for the calf (see Fig. 1). This makes “hidden” protein contents in various feeds accessible for enzymatic digestion in the small intestine.

Using proteins more efficiently

Protein is an essential component of calf feed and is essential for their growth and daily weight gain. Nevertheless, protein sources such as soybean or rapeseed meal are among the most expensive feed components, and are not so easy for young calves to utilise. CERAVITAL XP is a fermentation product based on selected strains of fungus that help to improve the digestibility of proteins. This enables calves to utilise the raw protein in feed more easily for their growth.

Effects on farm

The outstanding effect of CERAVITAL XP has been proven during comprehensive on-farm testing at the Hülsenberg Estate. Feeding CERAVITAL XP achieved higher daily weight gains by almost 10% and a higher feed efficiency in calf rearing (see Fig. 2).

For use in all feeding systems

KALVICIN mineral feeds, the KALVICIN supplement and Kalbi TMR Alfa Plus all contain CERAVITAL XP (see Fig. 3). The benefits of CERAVITAL XP can be adapted for use in all feeding systems.

CERAVITAL XP mode of action
Fig. 1: The CERAVITAL XP mode of action
Higher weight gains with CERAVITAL XP
Fig. 2: Higher weight gains with CERAVITAL XP
The SCHAUMANN calf feed concept
Fig. 3: The SCHAUMANN calf feed concept