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BONSILAGE FIT M for measurable gains in cow fitness and stability

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BONSILAGE FIT M is capable of forming high quantities of propylene glycol in maize silage due to its unique combination of lactobacillus strains. On average, 396 kg of propylene glycol are formed per can of BONSILAGE FIT M (Figure 1). This considerably alleviates energy metabolism in animals and improves their insemination index and calving interval for instance.

Measurably more stability

Maize plants are becoming significantly more contaminated with yeast and mould. Without the necessary inhibition using acetic acid, maize silage can reheat, e.g. as a result of oxygen infiltration when silage is removed.

By controlling fermentation acids (Fig. 2) in a targeted manner, yeast and mould fungi can be suppressed. Energy losses and additional nutrient purchases due to untapped yeast and mould growth in maize silage can quickly amount to over 100 euros/ha of harvested maize silage (Fig. 3). The losses that arise increase the cost of silage production by €4–6 per tonne of maize silage. In addition, feed purchases put strain on the farm’s overall material balance due to reheating.


BONSILAGE FIT M silage additive reduces the risk of reheating by shifting the fermentation acid model towards more acetic acid and less lactic acid while at the same time forming propylene glycol. The extra portion of propylene glycol and additional acetic acid support the cow’s overall fitness and reduce feed-based illnesses such as acidosis and ketosis.

Exclusive bacterial strains

The used lactic acid bacteria strain of the species Lactobacillus buchneri 1k2075 (EU approval number for silage additives) is very efficient in the conversion of lactic acid to acetic acid and propylene glycol. This strain is exclusively contained in the BONSILAGE products.


One tub of BONSILAGE FIT M produces 11 canisters of propylene glycol
Fig. 1: One tub of BONSILAGE FIT M produces 11 canisters of propylene glycol
BONSILAGE FIT M measurably increases cow fitness
Fig. 2: BONSILAGE FIT M measurably increases cow fitness and stabilises maize silage
Reheated maize silage
Fig. 3: Reheating is expensive