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Intestine-friendly feeding crude fibre supply of the sow


The right crude fibre carrier and a digestible mixture are of vital importance for sow feeding. Crude fibre supply plays an important role, especially for intestinal health and satiety during pregnancy.

The decisive prerequisites for the highest level of performance and health are the proper feeding of the sow with the appropriate crude fibre carriers and a digestible feed mixture. Crude fibre supply is particularly important in terms of satiety during pregnancy and a functioning colon during the birthing phase.

Through their high water binding capacity, specially fermentable fibre fractions promote the satiety effect and defecation behaviour. They cause bacterial fermentation in the colon and thus prevent blockages in the period near the birth. Fermentation produces volatile fatty acids, such as butyric and acetic acid, which suppress unwanted germs while serving as nutrients for the intestinal mucosa. This results in a decreased risk of MMA complications.
To ensure crude fibre supply, SCHAUMANN complete feed supplies complete feeds with various crude fibre-rich materials. These are both soluble and insoluble fibres (see Figures 1 and 2). The choice of feed is based on chemical composition, hygienic quality, availability and price. Fibre blends (various feeds with soluble and insoluble fibres) and lignocellulose are also used with increasing frequency.

The three products SCHAUMANN-PIGFASER, SCHAUMANN-FASERKONZENTRAT and SCHAUMALAC Z 10 OMEGA facilitate the production of high-performance sow mixtures without additional raw fibre carriers (see Fig. 3). Special advantages here are the complete mineral feed SCHAUMALAC Z 10 OMEGA, which combines sow mineral feed with the advantages of special crude fibre carriers and fat components (see Fig. 4).

Fibre content of sow feed
Complete feeds rich in crude fibre
Fig. 2: Complete feeds rich in crude fibre
Feed mixtures for sows
Fig. 3: SCHAUMANN feed mixtures for sows with SCHAUMALAC Z 60 Spezial ATG and SCHAUMALAC Z 10 OMEGA
Feeding sows intestines healthily
Fig. 4: Feeding sows intestines healthily