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SCHAUMA STABIL – Stable intestinal health for more performance in pig production


ISF Schaumann Forschung has developed a highly effective product in SCHAUMA STABIL to support and stabilise intestinal health. Due to antibiotic monitoring and critical public debates, the intestines and their flora are gaining ever greater significance when it comes to swine immunity and a pig’s ability to defend itself against pathogenic bacteria.

SCHAUMA STABIL, developed by ISF Schaumann Forschung, incorporates the very latest scientific findings into a quadruple combination of active ingredients (see Fig. 1). The effects of SCHAUMA STABIL are based on four main ingredients: monoglycerides, monobutyrin, prebiotic and plant extracts.

Monoglycerides – Prevent unwanted germs and bacteria

This combination of special monoglycerides from medium-chain fatty acids (MCM) prevents undesirable bacteria such as gram-positive clostridium and streptococcus, and gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella.

Monobutyrin – Reduces bacteria and promotes intestinal cell regeneration

Butryric acid is combined with glycerin, transforming it into highly effective and appetising monobutyrin. Once inside the animal, it is absorbed by harmful bacteria and split into butyric acid and glycerin once again by bacterial enzymes. The process inhibits disease-causing bacteria. Butyric acid also has a very positive effect on intestinal development and provides intestinal villi with an important source of energy for growth.

Prebiotics – Promote good bacteria and bind undesirable bacteria in the gut

Prebiotics contained in feed are fragments of yeast cell walls that are not digested by the animal itself – instead, they bind disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria together, preventing them from attaching themselves to the wall of the intestines. The immune defences of the intestinal wall are increased as a result. Prebiotics improve the conditions for good bacteria and can reduce the risk of diarrhoea through natural means.

Plant extracts – Increase the appetite and decrease bacteria

Specially selected plant extracts stimulate the appetite and internal secretion. They also have antioxidant and antimicrobial effects on bacteria and yeasts.

Use in stressful situations

SCHAUMA STABIL strengthens the immune system, reduces colonisation by harmful bacteria and effectively supports gut health. This feed supplement is especially effective when used in stressful situations such as weaning or regrouping. This applies to pigs in all phases of production: from suckling piglet and fattening pig through to gilt and lactating sow.

Piglet trial provides evidence of an improved level of performance

The SCHAUMA STABIL feed supplement offers a highly effective system of protection to enable more performance and better health. It supports the pig’s own defences in a targeted manner. The results of a piglet trial provide evidence of high performance along with stable health conditions (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 1: SCHAUMA STABIL works through four main factors
Trial results
Fig. 2: Trial results from piglet rearing using SCHAUMA STABIL