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NATUPIG meets the needs of high-performance sows

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Over the past few years, significant advances within the areas of genetics and production technology have led to a continued increase in piglet production performance. At the same time, new legal provisions call for a reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus in rations. SCHAUMANN has devoted an increasing proportion of its research activities to the development of active substances to optimise nutrient utilisation.
The innovative active ingredient CERAVITAL XP improves access to feed protein and accelerates the release of amino acids. Amino acids are required for both lactation and foetus growth.

AMINOTRACE – Highly available trace elements

Even trace elements are on the list of feed components that are to be reduced. Trace elements fulfil a wide variety of functions within the sow, including as a component in building strong legs, feet and hooves, strong immune defences and enzymes. AMINOTRACE now contains both zinc and copper in the unique lysinate form, while iron and manganese are included in the highly digestible glycinate form. Sows benefit from a significantly higher biological valence that is on average approx. 30% above that achieved from traditional sulphates.

CERAGEL – Seaweed active ingredients with prebiotic effects

CERAGEL primarily consists of highly complex carbohydrates. When combined with water, they form a gel that becomes fermented in the large intestine by desirable intestinal flora as a prebiotic source of nutrition. The goal is to reduce pathogenic bacteria in the sow’s faeces by improving fermentation in the large intestine.

BONVITAL – The probiotic

The effects of BONVITAL range from demonstrably reduced weight loss in sows during suckling through to a positive influence on sow milk composition. The probiotic also has a positive effect on suckling piglets, which absorb BONVITAL bacteria via the sow’s faeces. The combination of CERAGEL and BONVITAL provides sows with a package of protection to optimise their gut health and intestinal flora.