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NATUPIG for piglets – Healthy gut, productive animal


Our new products for piglets from the NATUPIG range support management measures during weanling to boost animal health and performance. Being weaned from the sow is a pivotal point in every piglet’s life. Although the foundations for a piglet’s continued development are already laid while with the sow – adequate colostrum intake, establishment of balanced intestinal flora, acclimatisation to supplementary feed – a large number of internal and external factors have a considerable influence on the health of a piglet at weaning, particularly in relation to its gastrointestinal tract (see Fig. 1).

In piglet rearing, everything revolves around animal health, growth and safety. This is the only way to achieve a good start in a piglet's further development as a fattening pig or breeding animal. And the effort put in at the start of a piglet’s life pays off: For each additional 5 g that a piglet gains during its first few days after weaning, the fattening duration is reduced by a day. Through a combination of the various SCHAUMANN active ingredients contained in their feed, weaning piglets are able to benefit from synergistic effects that effectively support their gastrointestinal health (see Fig. 2).

Intestinal health in weaning piglets
Fig. 1: Factors influencing intestinal health in weaning piglets
Interaction of active ingredients
Fig. 2: Interaction of various active ingredients for a healthy piglet