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Feed hygiene - acid combinations for every challenge


Achieving top performance in pig farming requires a high level of hygiene. The targeted use of suitable acid combinations can secure this in all stages of production. The careful selection and targeted combination of the various organic acids controls and intensifies the performance-enhancing effects. SCHAUMACID enables a reduction of the amounts of single acids through the use of synergies.

In dry food, the use of acid serves the hygiene and preservation of the feed. Harmful germs such as bacteria and fungi are contained and thus do not even reach the animal’s body. The germ-reducing effect develops in the feed itself, but also in the digestive tract of the animals.

In liquid feed, yeasts in particular, which can even multiply explosively even at a low pH (<4.0), can cause great problems. The application of organic acids via the drinking water has proven to be a highly effective and easily automatable means of Salmonella control.

The performance enhancing effect of the specific SCHAUMACID products is based on several factors:

  • Improved feed hygiene
  • Lowered pH in the stomach
  • Decreased activity of harmful bacteria
  • Increased activity of digestive enzymes
  • Supports the development of intestinal tissue
  •  Higher nutrient utilisation

The SCHAUMACID acid programme for feed hygiene:


Short- and medium-chain fatty acids supplement the liquid combination of formic, lactic, propionic and citric acids. As a result, SCHAUMACID PROTECT offers a particularly high level of protection against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria when used in feed (see Fig. 1).


Monoglycerides, sorbic acid, and citric acid enhance the effectiveness of the proven acid combination SCHAUMACID PROTECT G. The granules are characterised by a particularly high acid content, which is why the same dosage can be used as for the liquid product.


SCHAUMACID CLEAN (liquid and granulated) ensures optimum hygiene in the liquid feeding system, since both yeasts and bacteria are effectively inhibited and killed. SCHAUMACID CLEAN is gentle on materials and not dangerous goods (see Fig. 2).


SCHAUMACID S is a very potent combination of short- and medium-chain acids for the immediate and permanent control of Salmonella. In addition, SCHAUMACID S also reduces E. coli and gram-positive bacteria such as streptococci, staphylococci and clostridia.


In contrast to other products, the special combination of different organic acids allows use in drinking water. In comparison with formic acid-dominated products, SCHAUMACID DRINK S can achieve a high efficacy against Salmonella and gram-positive bacteria at reduced dosage (see Fig. 3).


The antimicrobial effect of this very tasty acid combination (high proportion of lactic acid) extends in the digestive tract over a wide pH spectrum. As a result, high efficiency is achieved even in the small intestine.


Through the additional provision of an algae granulate, the intestinal microflora is specifically promoted over several stages (organic acids, prebiotics, polyphenols). This is the basis for superior intestinal health and performance.


The high proportion of sorbic acid offers good protection against E. coli-induced piglet diarrhoea. The use in sow feeding during lactation causes a reduced germ excretion via the excrement of the sow and lowers the risk of piglet diarrhoea.


By adding a humic acid, with anti-inflammatory and immune-promoting properties to the proven acid combination, the protection against pathogenic bacteria is extended and additionally actively supports the health of the intestinal mucosa.

Fig. 1: SCHAUMACID PROTECT selectively suppresses harmful bacteria, used at pH 5
Fig. 2: SCHAUMACID CLEAN inhibits yeasts quickly and sustainably
Fig. 3: SCHAUMACID DRINK S suppresses harmful bacteria, used at pH 5