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TIRSANA energy booster for stable metabolism and high feed intake

Fleckvieh am Futtertisch

At the beginning of lactation, cows are not able to meet their energy requirements through their feed intake, so they increasingly use body fat reserves to produce milk (see Fig. 1). This increased level of body mass disintegration remains one of the biggest challenges facing many dairy farmers, since high losses in body mass can lead to serious consequences, such as:

  • Ketosis and metabolic defects
  • Restricted milk performance
  • Poor fertility
  • Shorter productive lifetime

Liquid energy components

TIRSANA products (see Fig. 2) are specially designed to kick in immediately during the transition phase – directly after calving or even during lactation – to bridge the energy gap and maintain fitness. A unique combination of glucoplastic substances and various active ingredients supplies dairy cows with rapidly available energy and alleviates the liver metabolism. This results in an increase in milk performance as confirmed time and again by farmers (Fig. 3).

TIRSANA AMS for robotic milking systems

On farms with robotic milking systems, the palatability of robot feed and provision of a balanced supply of energy play an especially important role. The tastier the “treat” awaiting them at the robot, the more active the cows. This has a positive influence on the number of milkings per day and therefore the cows’ performance.

The new TIRSANA AMS combines everything that a dairy farm with robots needs:

  • Propylene glycol and pure glycerine to support the metabolism
  • Palatable active ingredients for optimum acceptance and more robot visits
  • Additives for high stability that provide the most benefit when TIRSANA is stored in a refillable storage container, e.g. at the robot station.
Energy requirements of a cow
Fig. 1: Energy requirement and energy intake during lactation
TIRSANA Programme
Fig. 2: The TIRSANA range provides the optimum supply of energy for each stage of lactation and during the transition phase
Increase of milk performance due to TIRSANA
Fig. 3: Increased milk performance through using TIRSANA BSK during the 1st third of lactation