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SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO – The feed fat for increased performance and fertility

Kuh beim Fressen

SCHAUMANN ENERGY has been used successfully for years to improve the supply of energy in dairy cows and to alleviate the rumen. Its impact is based on the effects of individual fatty acids during metabolism in cows. Fatty acids are the building blocks that create fats.

Two types of fatty acid for greater success

Essentially, two types of fatty acid determine the effectiveness of a rumen-protected fat (see Fig. 1). Fatty acid C16:0 can be integrated directly into the milk fat, thus boosting milk quantity and milk fat content. Fatty acid C18:1 is used to build up body mass. It protects cows from ketosis and poor fertility caused by a lack of energy. ISF SCHAUMANN Forschung has used these new findings to develop a product with the optimum ratio of both fatty acids: SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO

Supporting milk fat formation

Milk fat quantity is influenced through feeding in two different ways (see Fig. 2). A large proportion of fatty acids in milk fat is formed from acetic acid that is generated during the digestion of raw fibre in the rumen. An adequate supply of raw fibre is therefore extremely important in order to optimise milk composition. The second source of milk fat components is the breakdown of body fat and feed fats. This is particularly true of fatty acid C16:0, which can be integrated into milk fat directly from feed. The amount of C16:0 fatty acids in milk increased significantly in cows that were fed with SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO containing an optimum proportion of C16:0 (see Fig. 3). The milk fat content also increased as a result.

Application in practice

Comprehensive trials at the Hülsenberg Estate show the impressive impact of SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO in relation to milk quantity and fat content. The cows were divided into two feeding groups for the trial. The composition of their ration only differed in the type of fats added: The trial group was fed SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO and the control group was fed classic SCHAUMANN ENERGY. At the same time, SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO was trialled on numerous reference farms with a total of almost 2000 cows over a period of several months.

More milk and more fat

During the trials, the optimum ratio of C16:0 to C18:1 in SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO led to an increase in milk quantity by up to 1.6 l/cow/day. At the same time, the fat contents rose by 0.1%, meaning the increase in energy-corrected milk quantity was 1.8 kg (see Fig. 4). Even the cows’ reproductive performance, body mass and general health were stabilised.

The two most important fatty acids in rumen-protected fatty acids
Fig. 1: The two most important fatty acids in rumen-protected fatty acids
Influence of feeding on milk fat content
Fig. 2: Influence of feeding on milk fat content
SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO changes the composition of milk fat
Fig. 3: SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO changes the composition of milk fat
SCHAUMANN ENREGY PRO convinces in field study
Fig. 4: SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO yields positive results in Gut Hülsenberg field study (data per cow per day)