Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

ZELLPRO for dairy cows - new complex to protect cells against free radicals


ISF Schaumann Research has developed ZELLPRO, a cell protection complex based on the antioxidants vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium to assist in preventing oxidative stress in high-performance cows. The complex strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of infection and enhances performance.

Under pressure the oxidative stress increases in dairy cows

The stable metabolism status of dairy cows in sensitive performance phases can be strained. Possible causes are:

  • Endogenous factors (calving, bacterial and viral infections or fungal diseases)
  • Deficient environmental conditions (heat, humidity, transport, pain, change of stables and unusual procedures)
  • Poor feed quality (lack of energy, excess of iron)

The result is oxidative stress. Aggressive oxygen compounds (so-called free radicals) attack the cells and destroy them. The defence mechanism (antioxidativ capacity) does not act and the performance ability is considerably compromised.

Antioxidants are the natural solution against free radicals

In order to ward off free radicals, nature developed a self-protection. Antioxidants impede the destruction of the necessary oxygen and withdraw the originated reaction products their reactivation (so-called radical scavenger). Through the continuous degradation of radicals, the antioxidants dissipate. In the reciprocal interaction, antioxidants can be reactivated. The endogenous defence mechanism produces with the help of these substances a close meshed protection mechanism.

The components of ZELLPRO function systemic as cell protection complex

In order to protect dairy cows from stress-related diseases, the use of ZELLPRO is recommended. The systemic effect of ZELLPRO holistically targets the optimum supply of the animals with antioxidants. The cell protection optimized profile of antioxidant of ZELLPRO is the sum of innovative linked, antioxidativ effective components. ZELLPRO functions protective against oxidativ deterioration in the feed ration.

The synergetic effective antioxidants developed their effect into the digestive tract and the metabolism of the cow. The special protective mechanism shifts the effect of vitamin E in the direction of the metabolism and supports additionally the intake of useful vitamins, which increases the effect considerably. The combination of vitamin E and selenium available to rumen and small intestine will assure in addition the antioxitativ status. The highly available, organically bound AMINOTRACE-trace elements reduce the free radicals and complete the unique effect of the ZELLPRO protection mechanism.

ZELLPRO supports the endogenous defence system on three levels

At the metabolic level, the cows immune system uses ZELLPRO to form a threefold protection mechanism consisting of vitamin E and selenium, the organically bound AMINOTRACE-trace elements copper, manganese and zinc, as well as cell protection optimized antioxidants. At the first level aggressive oxygen components will be prevented, in the second level the already formed free radicals will be neutralized and in the third level the repair and regeneration of damaged cells takes place.

The use of ZELLPRO in mineral feed

The emphasis of the parts of the individual antioxidativ effective components in ZELLPRO is carried out with knowledge of the optimum effectiveness. Zellpro supports the antioxidativ status of the dairy cows and releases the endogenous defence system through the cell protection mechanism. Each individual cell benefits from that and therefore the whole organism. ZELLPRO is used in RINDAMIN- and RINDAVIT- mineral feed programme.