Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

SGW – Active ingredient combination for safety, health and growth in the rearing of calves


SGW-Factor is an innovative complex of active ingredients which has positive effects on intestinal activity and thus improves safety, health and growth in the rearing of calves.

SGW-Factor – Composition

SGW-Factor has a unique combination of active ingredients:

  • Probiotic PROVITA LE
  • Highly effective fibre components (lignocellulose)
  • Mono glycerides (MCM) of medium-chain fatty acids

The probiotic stabilises the intestinal flora, supported by the prebiotic effect of the fibre component. The lignocellulose also has the effect of stimulating intestinal activity. The medium-chain fatty acids suppress any harmful intestinal flora.

SGW-Factor – Effect

SGW-Factor stabilises digestion and suppresses harmful bacteria in the intestine, significantly improving dry feed intake and hence the animals’ daily weight gain. Cases of calf scours or diarrhoea are less frequent.

The result is vital, vigorous animals and a marked reduction in the incidence of disease.

SGW-Factor – measurable results

Reports from the world of practice and the results of various trials confirm the positive influence of SGW-Factor on health and growth.

 Using an equal quantity of milk replacer with SGW-Factor, the animals eat more calf grower feed and more of the DM feed (see  Fig. 1). Due to the higher nutrient intake, the calves show improved weight gain (see Fig. 2).
The improvement in intestinal health was tested in 2 x 2 groups of calves given identical feed. In the first trial, scour days fell from 7 to 2. In the second trial, none of the calves given SGW was affected by scours (Fig.  3).

SGW-Factor is used in certain select milk replacers and special products for calves in the milk-drinking period.

Fig. 1: Higher DM consumption through use of SGW factor (calf field test, n = 60)
Fig. 2: Higher daily gains due to SGW factor (calf field test, n = 60)
Fig. 3: Fewer days of diarrhoea with SGW (n = 60)