Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

RUMIVITAL optimizes ruminal fermentation


RUMIVITAL is an innovative fermentation product to increase nutrient conversion in the rumen of cows. It stimulates the digestion of various different carbohydrate fractions in the rumen, particularly vegetable fibre and starch fractions, therefore enabling a better utilisation of the basicfeed (or forage). There are three different variants of the active ingredient for the different base materials in the rations: RUMIVITAL, RUMIVITAL®i and RUMIVITAL®b.

The composition and quality of the basic feed is not always the same. The digestibility of the crude fibre in the overall ration significantly varies depending on the harvesting time, base material, etc. Compared to all other raw nutrients, fibre fractions are less digestible and therefore less usable. As such, fibre digestion plays a key role in feeding.

Carbohydrate fractions affect cell wall digestibility

The structural carbohydrates cellulose and hemicellulose - referred to together as NDF and ADF contents - make up most of the cell walls. However, they can only be broken down to a certain extent by the rumen bacteria. RUMIVITAL can help to improve the digestion of these components.

A fermentation product that improves cell digestion and supports ruminal nutrient conversion

RUMIVITAL, RUMIVITAL®i and RUMIVITAL®b are unique active ingredient complexes rich in crude protein that are obtained from defined fungal strains by means of solid state fermentation. They stimulate the digestion and fermentation of plant cell walls in the rumen simultaneously acting as a nutrient medium for the rumen bacteria. This also encourages the digestion of crude fibres and starch fractions. Thanks to the improved digestion of the fibres, more energy is generated from the basic feed and the feed efficiency increases. This means that a higher dry matter intake is achievable.

Three RUMIVITAL variants for the different types of basic feed 

The RUMIVITAL active ingredient line now contains the three variants RUMIVITAL, RUMIVITAL®i and RUMIVITAL®b for a range of different applications. Each variant has a slightly different focus for its  mode of action.

RUMIVITAL is primarily optimizedfor the feed conversion of grass-based dairy cow rations.
RUMIVITAL®i , however, has been specially developed for maize-based rations that are high in starch and have high non-fibre carbohydrate levels. It also stabilises the rumen pH as thanks to the larger surface of the cell wall structures, more H+ ions are bound and the buffer capacity is increased.

Effects of RUMIVITAL


The range of applications of the RUMIVITAL active ingredient line is completed by RUMIVITAL®b. As the most recent variant, it has been optimised for use in a classic bull fattening system and increases the basic feed efficiency in rations with a low structure and a high proportion of easily digestible carbohydrates.

RUMIVITAL®b improves the degradation of the cell wall and fibre fraction of the basic feed for further conversion by rumen microbes

Tests have proven the more efficient feed conversion and increased digestibility

It has been proven that RUMIVITAL increases the digestibility of cell wall components, the utilisation of organic matter, the energy of the complete ration and the feed efficiency. Tests with RUMIVITAL®i and RUMIVITAL®b have also shown the same effects when used with rations that have a high starch content. In addition, the buffer capacity increased in these variants meaning the PH-values in the rumen restabilises quicker.