Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

PROVITA LE – The SCHAUMANN probiotic for calves


PROVITA LE is a combination of two highly effective lactobacillus strains. It inhibits pathogenic germs and strengthens the desirable microflora in the intestinal tract of young calves.

The probiotic PROVITA LE, developed through SCHAUMANN research, contains an ideal combination of two active cultures: Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Despite their different origins, appearance, and metabolic and developmental sequences, the strains mutually promote each other’s growth and complement each other positively in their metabolic activities. Both lactobacillus strains were isolated and multiplied from natural food sources. They have not been genetically modified.

PROVITA LE strengthens the intestinal flora and inhibits pathogenic germs

In the colonisation phase, the use of both lactobacillus strains enables a high colonisation rate and thus rapid spreading to the entire surface of the intestines. Pathogenic germs such as, among others, Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria are inhibited.
Microbiological research with calves demonstrated a significant increase of the Enterococci in the jejunum of many times the initial value. This effect is also observed in the caecum (appendix) and to a lesser extent in the colon. The gram-positive anaerobic bacteria, including bifidobacteria and eubacteria, are also increased manifold.

Better health and higher yields – calves develop faster and more homogeneously

Through the use of PROVITA LE, the intake of the basic ration and the starter feed is increased both in the nursing and in the rearing phase. The calves develop healthily and reliably. The overall immune status and the health of the animals is promoted and improved.
This results in increased performance levels (see Figs. 1-3).

Fig. 1: Performance improvement with PROVITA LE - data in % compared to the control group
Figure 2: Performance improvement by PROVITA LE – figures in % of the negative or positive control group
Picture 3: Effectiveness of PROVITA LE in calf rearing