Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

MIZI – the companion for piglets preventing diarrhoea


Diarrhoea is one of the most common disease in calves and piglets. At the time of weaning, the immune system is not yet fully mature, but at the same time the effect of the antibodies absorbed via colostrum diminishes. In combination with modifications of the intestinal mucosa caused by weaning it is easier for pathogens like E.Coli to settle in the intestine. The innovative active ingredient MIZI helps to prevent this.
SCHAUMANN micronizes "normal" ZnO and activates it using a special process in the eccentric vibratory mill. In this way, a porous and significantly enlarged surface is created. As a result, MIZI is already effective with supplements in the range permitted by feed law, comparable to the pharmacological dosage of ZnO.

Mode of action of zinc oxide

various scientific studies have shown that high-dose ZnO specifically suppresses the bacterial growth of certain species (Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli and lactobacilli). It also reduces the ability of E. coli to attach to the intestinal mucosa. This is why ZNO is so effective against diarrhoea when infected with E. coli. Zinc is also a component of numerous enzymes which, for example, are involved in cell division, fat, protein and energy metabolism as well as in various functions of the immune system. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports tissue healing.

MIZI in calf rearing

The primary goals in calf rearing are high daily weight gain and vitality. The SCHAUMANN active ingredient MIZI, micronized Zink, reduces the risks of diarrhoea and respiratory disease additional to the improvement of growth of calves during drinking trough period. Investigations shows also, that colic and pneumonia are clearly reduced in MIZI-group. All Schaumann milk replacer and milk supplement and SCHAUMANN feed for calf rearing are additionally equipped with MIZI. Thus, the immune system of your calves will be encouraged, the daily gains and the feed conversion are increased from the first day of life.

MIZI in piglet rearing

Sick piglets must be treated often in order to avoid a severe course with loss of performance. An effective method is the use of zinc oxide (ZnO) with pharmacological dosages of 2,500 - 3,000 ppm. However, a very high proportion of this is excreted unchanged and is thus released into the environment as a heavy metal. Therefore, the broad use of the high dosages is already today no longer permitted without further ado and will be completely banned in the foreseeable future.

MIZI effects already through the porous surface at supplements in feeding legal allowed amounts which is comparable to the mode of action of pharmacological dose. Therefor SCHAUMAN equip all products for weaned piglets and offers in this way more security in the critical period of production cycle.