Innovative active ingredients from SCHAUMANN

CERAVITAL XP improves protein digestibility in pigs


On average, 15-20% of the dietary protein components pass through the gastrointestinal tract undigested. CERAVITAL XP is an innovative active ingredient that gives optimum utilisation of protein-rich feeds such as soya and rapeseed meal. The product from fermentation of solids with fungi supports the release of protein from the cell tissue of animal feeds, thus making more amino acids available to the pig.

Improved disruption of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) reduces the content of poorly digestible crude fibre components, thus improving feed conversion. In addition, breakdown of NSP promotes desirable microbial populations that positively affect animal health. CERAVITAL XP lowers the level of unwanted germs as less undigested crude protein enters the large intestine.

CERAVITAL XP avoids the need to buy protein-rich feed while giving a consistently high level of growth and high lean meat content of the carcasses. The use of this innovative active additive supports low-N feeding which in turn improves the liquid manure balance.


The fourfold effects of CERAVITAL XP