Clean drinking water – a key for success in the barn

Schwein mit Wasser

Water is a vital food source for livestock.
It serves a key function in many of their physiological processes (e.g. nutrient transport, metabolic reactions, temperature regulation, maintaining cell pressure). A lack of drinking water in sufficient quantity and quality endangers animals’ health and performance. Often, problems are caused by biofilm forming on the inner walls of pipes (see Fig. 1) rather than the quality of the water at source.

Biofilm – the ideal breeding ground for pathogens

Biofilm is a naturally forming green to yellowish-brown greasy, slimy coating.
Depending on the germ pressure in the air and water, as well as the water temperature and flow rate, i.e. the useful life of the water in the pipes, biofilm can develop at varying speeds. Administering medicines and vitamins via the drinking water pipes also accelerates biofilm formation. Biofilm is comprised of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae, and their metabolic products, as well as inorganic substances from water (e.g. lime and iron/manganese compounds). If harmful bacteria penetrate the water pipe network e.g. via feeders, they can colonise the existing biofilm and have severe consequences for water hygiene and animals as a result (see Fig. 1). Since the film is constantly evolving, parts of it break off. This allows pathogens and other components to end up in drinking water on a continuous basis. The fragments of biofilm that break off frequently contain gram-negative bacteria, which often cause gastrointestinal illnesses (e.g. diarrhoea) if consumed. In order to guarantee an optimum water supply, farmers must aim to minimise the formation of biofilm in water pipes and reduce bacterial pressure as a result.

Safer drinking water

SCHAUMADES CLEAN WS, SCHAUMADES CLEAN and the new SCHAUMACID AQUA organic acid combination are three products by SCHAMANN that are specially formulated to combat biofilm.

SCHAUMADES CLEAN – cleans and disinfects in one step

SCHAUMADES CLEAN is an alkaline disinfectant that is specially made for deep cleaning water pipes in unoccupied livestock buildings.
Applying SCHAUMADES CLEAN effectively removes deposits and impurities, and reliably combats acid-tolerant bacteria.
If the deposits are particularly heavy, it is worth considering a combined treatment using acids and alkaline solutions (separately!).

SCHAUMACID AQUA – easy to use and doubly effective

New special combination of organic acids that acts as an effective antimicrobial in both the feeding system and in animals. Its high acid content starts reducing pathogens in the pipework, which reduces the number of bacteria entering animals via their drinking water.
SCHAUMACID AQUA also stabilises gastrointestinal flora and minimises the risk of diarrhoea.
SCHAUMACID AQUA’s dual impact approach (in both pipework and animals) ensures animal health and performance are well protected.

SCHAUMADES CLEAN WS – fights pathogens hard

This unique, multi-component disinfectant reliably removes biofilm from drinking water pipes, thus preventing it from reforming.
A combination of hydrogen peroxide (oxidation agent) and silver works in two stages to combat biofilm colonisation.
Both components have a proven bactericidal effect.
SCHAUMADES CLEAN WS is easy to administer, can be used at any temperature, is non-corrosive and is permissible in accordance with the German Drinking and Table Water Ordinance (Trink- und Tafelwasserverordnung), even in occupied livestock buildings.

Formation of biofilm in water ring mains
Fig. 1: Formation of biofilm in water ring mains (per F. von der Haar, 2010)
Biofilm from a water pipe