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RUMIVITAL® i - The new active ingredient complex for high-starch, low-fibre rations

17.10.2016 -

SCHAUMANN launches RUMIVITAL® i, an active ingredient that improves feed efficiency and thus optimises the performance obtained from staple feeds.


Staple feeds, in contrast to concentrate feeds, do not contain nutrients in an easily digestible form. These feeds therefore need to be digested in the rumen, which is precisely where RUMIVITAL® i delivers benefits by breaking down cell membranes and fibre fractions to make them more easily accessible to ruminal microbes for further digestion.


The more efficient utilisation of the fibre and starch fraction increases the digestibility of the overall ration by up to 2.5%. The rate of passage also increases, resulting in higher feed intake.


RUMIVITAL® i improves staple feed utilisation especially with rations that are rich in maize and starch and possibly low in fibre. This allows the concentrate portion in rations to be reduced while maintaining consistently high milk production, or milk yields to be increased with unchanged rations. Field trials have confirmed that RUMIVITAL® i delivers performance increases of more than 1 kg milk per cow and day.


RUMIVITAL® i allows farmers to operate more economically and sustainably. It therefore constitutes yet another milestone of ISF Schaumann Research on the path towards dairy cow feeding concepts of the future.


For further information please contact a SCHAUMANN consultant or our head office:
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Telephone: +49 4101 218-5300
Facsimile: +49 4101 218-5399

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