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AMINOTRACE - The innovative development of organically bound trace elements


AMINOTRACE, the organically bound trace elements produced by SCHAUMANN, are high performance products. They feature high solubility, optimal concentrations of trace elements, stable complexes and high-grade biological availability.




In a close collaboration between the Clausthal University of Technology and ISF Schaumann Research the following trace element glycinates up to the stage of industrial application was developed:

  • Copper-Glycinate
  • Zinc-Glycinate
  • Manganese-Glycinate
  • Iron-Glyinate

Currently the programme is completed through the innovative trace elements LYSINATE:

  • Copper-Bis-Lysinate
  • Zinc-Bis-Lysinate

The principle underlying the optimisation and development work was: to achieve good solubility whilst preserving the stability of the product.


The result:

  • Highest bioavailability and stability
  • High effective supply of target tissue
  • Improved biological performance
  • Reduced trace element excretion


AMINOTRACE in pig feed

Higher performance is reached through the feed with highly available trace elements without health risks for pigs. General conformation and skeleton development, birth weights, milk yield and growth in particular can be boosted with special active ingredients (see Fig. 1).


Aminotrace improves the digestibility of the trace elements (see Fig. 2). The same trace element supply can be achieved with around 25 to 50% lower levels of additives. The result is a better, more reliable supply with significantly lower excretions of heavy metals.


Sows kept in groups are subjected to particularly highly stressing situations. The use of Aminotrace glycinates and –lysinate delivers performance benefits and improves claw health and general conformation stability (see Fig. 3). Additional AMINOTRACE increased the fertility of sows.


In the fattening stage, AMINOTRACE meets the animals' nutritional needs and provides vital trace elements. The result: a high-performance level, good health status and lower heavy-metal excretions (see Fig. 4).


In the piglet rearing stage, the highly stable, efficient AMINOTRACE compounds play a key role in supporting the piglet's immune system. Trials also prove a significant performance advantage for weaned piglets, which are fed with AMINIOTRACE-Bis-Lysinate. In comparison to the control group, the daily gain of weight was improved about 90 g to 257 g (see Fig. 5)

AMINOTRACE in cattle feed

In cattle feeding, the demands placed on the supply of trace elements are higher, not only due to the variations in the fodder, but also due to influences from the rumen. Supplies of the trace elements copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, cobalt and selenium are generally inadequate for ruminants. It is therefore important to supplement them through their feed. Negative interactions with other elements also need to be taken into account (see Fig. 1).

With the use of AMINOTRACE, adverse interactions of this kind can be significantly reduced. In addition, due to the better availability, absolute levels can be reduced, which also lessens the antagonistic interactions between the trace elements.

AMINOTRACE is also used in SCHAUMANN-milk replacer, whereby the vitality and performance was improved. Trials show, that daily gains are increased about 5,7 % (Copper-Bis-Lysinat) or rather 5,0 % (Zinc-Bis-Lysinate) in comparison to calves, which are fed with sulphates.

AMINOTRACE in feeding poultry

The supplementation of trace elements is essential for development and growth. With AMINOTRACE the actual supplemented amounts can be reduced and thus decreases environmental and animal pollution.

Deficiencies of trace elements leads to neurological disturbances as well as anomalies in skeleton, anaemia and reduced protein syntheses are the consequences. In addition, the relation of essential amino acids has to be considered. An unbalanced Lysine-administration can have negative effect on growth and performance.

With copper and zinc-bis-lysinate SCHAUMANN was successful, to combine the positive effect of lysine in the organisms and metabolism with adapted trace element supplementation. Trials show significant advantage of AMINOTRACE-bis-Lysinate in comparison to sulphates in broiler. In this trials the relative live weight can be increased (see figure 1) and feed conversion was reduced (see figure 2).


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