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Certified energy management system for less energy consumption in SCHAUMANN facilities

Regular internal reviews as well as external audits and certifications ensure that the efficient use of energy is continuously monitored and improved in all SCHAUMANN facilities. Energy flows are systematically recorded and optimised as part of our Energy Management System (EnMS) and in compliance with legal requirements.


An EnMS has been consistently implemented in all of our facilities, regardless of location. As part of the process, energy flows (energy sources, utilisation and consumption) are precisely recorded as a first step. The largest consumers within the manufacturing chain are then identified, and employees are sensitised regarding the responsible use of energy as a resource, allowing the energy performance of our facilities to be optimised and potential energy savings to be identified.


Certifications by independent institutions have confirmed SCHAUMANN’s environmentally sound practices


Regular internal reviews as well as external audits and certifications ensure that energy policies are continuously monitored and improved. SCHAUMANN complies with the internationally recognised DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. Independent certification bodies have confirmed SCHAUMANN’s energetically sensible and thus environmentally sound management practices. The certificates are available for download.


Measures are developed by specially trained energy teams


Energy teams have been established at all of our facilities in order to maintain the EnMs in the long term. The teams, which receive specialist training, develop action plans for reducing energy consumption. The work of the energy teams is supported by a central energy manager, and the “ideas exchange”, an internal suggestions scheme, encourages employees to keep energy issues in mind throughout their work. This promotes the integration of committed employees into the innovative development of the EnMS.


Energy consumption is lowered in the short and medium term


Targeted measures implemented in 2012 allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by 6.6% in the first year alone. In the medium term, we have committed to reducing the energy consumption in our manufacturing facilities even further.


The energy management system supports sustainability in many ways


By identifying potential energy savings and using energy-efficient technologies, we are able to reduce costs and protect the environment. We employ new approaches to energy to use resources more efficiently and thus improve the sustainability of our business activities. It is therefore only natural that SCHAUMANN has committed to ongoing energy management in the long term.


Measures already implemented: Activities currently being implemented:
  • Registration of all power and energy consumers in an energy register
  • Differentiation between driving elements, lighting and gas consumers
  • Determination of the base load
  • Establishment and training of an energy team
  • Appointment of a central energy manager
  • Employee suggestions scheme
  • Action plan for the reduction of energy consumption
  • Auditing and certification under DIN EN 50001
  • New compressor controls (Ligrana)
  • Development of energy targets
  • Quantification of energy savings already achieved
  • Ongoing energy management
  • • Implementation of additional measures to improve energy efficiency even further


SCHAUMANN management for sustainability

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