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09.09.2011 - Liquid supplementary feed MELOVIT

For the different areas of use, SCHAUMANN offers three variants to be added to drinking water.


MELOVIT FLÜSSIG is used to improve performance in fattening poultry during the initial stages, before vaccinations or in the case of growth disturbances, and in breeding and laying poultry at all stages of rearing. Its effects include boosting vitality and metabolic stability.


MELOVIT L is fed to laying hens and fattening poultry during critical periods and at peak laying times. Its combination of amino acids and magnesium increases metabolic efficiency, promotes kidney function and strengthens liver metabolism.

MELOVIT PEPPERMINT is a blend of etheric oils and peppermint flavouring. This liquid supplement stimulates feed intake, stabilises digestion and strengthens the immune system.


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