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SCHAUMANN ensiling agents improve the profitability of silage production

The BONSILAGE ensiling agents specially developed and manufactured by SCHAUMANN are an ideal example of SCHAUMANN products increasing profitability. These ensiling agents support the optimised utilisation of staple feed by reducing ensiling losses and increasing feed value of Silage.


The BONSILAGE ensiling agents developed and manufactured by SCHAUMANN support the optimised utilisation of available resources. Studies conducted by LFL Grub, among others, have shown that German farms incur alarmingly high ensiling losses between harvest and feed. These ensiling losses are largely avoidable through correct silage management and, above all, the use of appropriate ensiling agents.


The cost of using ensiling agents is, as a rule, substantially below the return obtained from increased energy yields from the same quantities of grass or maize silage. The profitability of silage production is therefore improved by using ensiling agents.


The article “BONSILAGE products for maize silage help prevent expensive DM losses” presents calculations to support this.


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