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RUMIVITAL®i - more performance from your feed

The effect of Rumivital® i has been reviewed and confirmed in different ration types at farms through ISF Schaumann Forschung. Rumivital® I convinces through the use of part-TMR with NFC-values in the threshold range (385 g NFC/ kg DM). The ration was additionally intensified through the added compensation feed. Rumivital® I proves its effectiveness in full-TMR with high NFC-values.


RUMIVITAL®i in comparision to live yeast


Rumivital® i shows increase in milk yield in an 20-weeks long OFF-ON-OFF trial (Schleswig-Holstein). The farm with 140 dairy cows uses to this date successfully live yeast and has an average herd yield about 27 kg per day. This corresponds to the average herd yield of 9.865 kg milk. The ration is an average balanced TMR, which is supplemented by concentrate feed through transponder feeding.


With Rumivital®i the milk yield increases about 1 kg per cow and day. After suspending Rumivital®i the increase was lost again (see figure 1).

The result: Rumivital®i causes a performance increase about 1,3 to 1,4 kg milk per kg DM-intake, caused through improved feed efficiency.

RUMIVITAL(R)i improves feed conversion and milk yield

impact to feed conversion and milk yield

The influence of Rumivital®i to feed conversion and milk yield has been tested on a farm in Thüringen. The farm has 75 cows with an average of 38 kg daily milk yield (125 lactation days). During the 18-week long trial period the animals were fed with a full-TMR which was heavy in corn silage. In the control period the herd receive normal mineral feed and in the trail period mineral feed with Rumivital®i.


This already high performance level could again increase about 4,5 % (see figure 2). Through the more efficient use of ration, the energy yield increases about 0,18 MJ per kg ingested dry matter.

figure. 2: Rumivital®i improves milk yield

new flexibility in configuration of ration


An active ingredient, which increases feed conversation and makes nutrients in feed more available, is very useful in regard to profitability and sustainability. Furthermore, it offers a new flexibility in the configuration of the ration, by retrenchment in concentrated feed through improved digestion of forage.


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