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Praxis trial: monoglycerides increase daily weight gain and improve feed conversion rate

Monoglycerides (MCM) support intestine health and encourage powerful, consistent growth of fattening pigs until the end of fattening period. Feed intake and conversion rate develop  positive.


Antimicrobial effective MCM’s inhibit effectively gram-negative bacteria and very tough gram-positive bacteria (for example: clostridia, streptococci, staphylococci). Thereby the harmful intestinal accompanying flora gets repressed and intestine health is encouraged. A praxis trial in a Bavarian fattening farm proves impressively the positive effect of MCM’s in mineral feed.


About the trial farm


The farm disposes of 2.800 fattening places. The purchase piglets have 28 kg live weight at housing and a carcass weight about 120 kg. Feedings occur by liquid feeding with multiphase-system. Food sources is a SCHAUMANN-own mixture with wheat, barley, soymeal, corn-whole grain silage and SCHAUMANN-fattening-mineral.


Structure of the feeding trial with MCM’s


The trial was conducted with 390 animals in two fattening groups. The control group was feed by SCHAUMANN-own mixture. To the feed-mixture of the trial group MCM’s and additional acid equipment was added..


Result: higher daily weight gain and improved feed conversion rate


The practice results show higher daily weight gain and a better feed conversion rate (see figure 1 und 2). This results in a shorter fattening period and lower feed costs, which has a positive effect on the economy in the pig mast. Due to the additional acid features the intestine health was improved and animal losses significant reduced (see figure 3).

figure 1: improvement of daily weight gain

Schaumalac Protect improves the daily weight gain by 2,6 % against the control group.

figure 2: Improvement fo the feed conversion rate

SCHAUMALAC PROTECT improves the feed conversion rate by 2,5 % in comparison with the control group.

figure 3: SCHAUMALAC PROTECT reduces animal losses

SCHAUMALAC PROTECT reduces looes about 4 % in comparioson with the control group.