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Silage competition of the chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony - impressive victory of BONSILAGE

The chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony organizes each year a silage competition to award the farms with the best fodder management or best silages. This enables a better assessment about the fodder quality in your region. In 2016 the competition is a magnificent triumph for farmers which trust in BONSILAGE-products. 


Fodder: quality and efficiency in focus


On the farms are a lot of reserves with regards to fodder efficient. Especially in times with substandard milk prices the costs for fodder must be as low as possible. This is possible only with best fodder quality, which is also the basis for high fodder performances. This connection is an important principle for those successful farms. Not surprisingly, each year well-known farmers are the winner of the silage competition.


Silage competition 2016: valuation of silages from 2015

Within the grassland days in Harsefeld and Spohle the chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony already nominated in February this year the winner of the silage competition 2016. This very popular event counts around 600 guests during those two days. Around 550 grass silages have been evaluated in the categories "grass silage 1st and 2nd cut" as well as "grass silage following cut". The farms respective silages with the optimal DM- and energy-content as well as the best fermentation quality are distinguished.


Triumph of the farmer Harms, Saterland and BONSILAGE

In both categories there was only on winner: Georg Harms from Saterland. Georg Harms wins in both categories with his 1st cut and his 3rd cut in the respective categories. But this was non enough. The farm also occupied the excellent second place (one of five) with his 2nd cut. In all three silages Bonsilage Extra was successfully used - this is the highest award reachable for the farm Hamrs as well as the BONSILAGE product array.



Category"1st + 2nd cut" (4 out of 6 silages are treated with BONSILAGE-products)


1. place:  G. Harms, Saterland (BOSILAGE EXTRA) 
 2. place(5 x):      G. Harms, Saterland (BONSILAGE EXTRA);
H. Lehmus, Varrel (BONSILAGE PLUS);

V. Nelke, Welle (BONSILAGE PLUS)

u. a.

Category "following cuts" (2 out of 5 awarded silages are treated with BONSILAGE-products)


 1. place: G. Harms, Saterland (BONSILAGE PLUS) 
 2. place(2 x):    

Mathies, Welle (BONSILAGE PLUS)

u. a.



Overall 55 % of excellent grass silages are treated with BONSILAGE-products. This is an new an repeating confirmation of uniqueness of the BONSILAGE-range. BONSILAGE pays off - the successful top-producers of fodder trust in BONSILAGE.


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