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AKTIMAG - Specific supplementation of magnesium for balanced animals


The supply of magnesium plays an important role in livestock feeding. Magnesium is a valuable nutrient, which affects the stimulus transmission of nerve to muscle. An undersupply leads to hyperexcitability of nerves and nervousness of the animals. To minimize the resulting unrest, rank fights, aggressiveness the supply with magnesium is indispensable.


The Solution

AKTIMAG is an organic magnesium compound developed and manufactured by SCHAUMANN with. Best solubility, stable complexes, high concentration of magnesium as well as an exceptionally biological availability and excellent palatability are the main characteristics of AKTIMAG.

The distinctivness of AKTIMAG lies in the organic compound of the quantity element magnesium with two glycine complexes. Magnesium-Bis-Glycinate is produced in an ISF SCHAUMANN RESEARCH patented solid reaction process. The compound protects the magnesium from chemical reaction during digestion and ensures highest bioavailability.


The Result


The adequate supply with magnesium, even in difficult metabolic situations, is ensured. Stress, nervousness and aggressiveness of animals are reduced and the performance optimized. The results are balanced animals – even in difficult metabolic situations.

AKTIMAG is suitable for feeding to pigs, poultry, ruminants and for riding and show horses.


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