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Positive effects of MIZI in calf rearing

The primary goals in calf rearing are high daily weight gain and vitality. The SCHAUMANN active ingredient MIZI, micronized zinc, reduces the risks of diarrhoea and respiratory disease additional to the improvement of growth of calves during drinking trough period.


Zinc oxide inhibits the bacteria growth of specific species, like E. coli. Zinc is furthermore part of numerous enzymes, which are for example involved in the cell division, the metabolism of fat, protein and energy as well as different functions of the immune system. The associated anti-inflammatory effect of zinc supports additionally the function and regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.


In numerous investigations of ISF Schaumann Forschung confirmed the positive effect of MIZI in calf rearing. The daily weight gain of calves, which receive 100 mg zinc in the form of MIZI during drinking trough period, are clearly higher in comparison to the control group, which receives the same amount of zinc in form of “normal” zinc oxide (see figure 1).


Positive effects to nutrient efficiency were furthermore observed. The calves of the MIZI group needed just under 1 MJ ME less than the control group for each kg of increase. Further positive effects can be seen in the reduction of the risk for diseases (see figure 2). Either diarrhoea, as well as colic or pneumonia are clearly reduced in the MIZI-group. 


All SCHAUMANN milk replacer and milk supplements as well as SCHAUMANN feed for calf rearing are additionally equipped with MIZI. Thus, the immune system of your calves will be supported, the daily gains and the feed conversions are increased from the first day of life.

Figure 1: MIZI increases the daily gain of calves during drinking trough period

Figure 2: MIZI reduces the appearance of diseases in calves during drinking trough period