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BONSILAGE SPEED G – practical results confirm measurably faster ensiling

04.07.2017 -


BONSILAGE SPEED G, SCHAUMANN’s innovative silage additive for accelerating silage maturity, has been on the market since spring 2017. This silage additive for grass, clover grass, lucerne and forage rye silages allows silage to be opened after only 2 weeks’ ensiling, without aerobic spoilage processes or heating.


ISF Schaumann Research has evaluated early analyses of the 1st cut in 2017 from all regions in Germany. These silages were opened after merely 14 days. All farmers were extremely satisfied not only with the high stability after such a short ensiling period, but also with the pleasant silage odour. Laboratory results also confirm farmers’ sensory evaluations: 8.8% lactic acid and 2.12% acetic acid in DM on average, plus a very low pH level of 4.15 are the basis for outstanding stability after 14 days.


BONSILAGE SPEED G has therefore demonstrated yet again that this unique combination of lactic acid bacteria strains with Lactobacillus diolivorans produces measurably faster ensiling.


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Download Grafik - BONSILAGE SPEED G: fermentation acids and pH-value