Yet further confirmation: Ensiling with BONSILAGE SPEED G is measurably faster


As the latest test results from the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL) - Animal Nutrition section at Grub confirm, BONSILAGE SPEED G has a quick-acting effect. Compared to other silage agents, even in different alternatives for storage time, the SCHAUMANN biological silage additive performed outstandingly.

In the trial conducted at the LfL, the 2nd cut crop in 2019 (33.5% DM; 30% CF  in the DM) was ensiled in laboratory silos. Two silage additive variants and an untreated control sample were evaluated in glass jars, in accordance with German Agricultural Society (DLG) testing guidelines, in order to determine the effects over time:

Variant I: Ensiling agent with DGL quality mark of action category (WR) 2, for improving aerobic stability;

In addition, different alternatives were simulated for storage time and varying levels of air stress during storage:

  • A: 14 days of storage without exposure to air
  • B: 14 days of storage with exposure to air after 7 days of storage for 24 h
  • C: 49 days of storage with exposure to air after 28 and 42 days of storage for 24 hours each time

The results: While the aerobic stability of the untreated control was always the lowest, that of silage additive variant I (DLG-WR 2) was in the middle range. BONSILAGE SPEED G, however, was able to extend the stability, after opening, in all of the three storage alternatives A, B and C, even after a short silo maturation time (see Fig. 1).

An optical mould evaluation was conducted on the various silages, in order to test for the influence of mould formation. In order to do this, the samples were ensiled for 49 days and then stored for 13 days under permanent exposure to air. While both the untreated sample and the silage treated with silage agent variant I (DLG-WR2) showed visual evidence of more than 50% mould, the samples treated with BONSILAGE SPEED G showed no signs of mould formation!

Once again, these test results demonstrate what many practising farmers already know: BONSILAGE SPEED G ensures rapid aerobic stability and provides more flexibility in feed planning, due to the lactic acid bacteria strain Lactobacillus diolivorans it contains.

Aerobic stability after 14 and 49 Tagen ensiling duration
Aerobic stability after 14 and 49 days of ensiling with and without air stress during storage (LfL - Tierernährung, Grub, 2. Schnitt 2019)