The new SCHAUMANN mineral feed program for pigs


SCHAUMANN has reorganised its pig program for sows, piglets and fattening pigs and has consolidated it into three clearly structured mineral feed product lines.

The SCHAUMAPHOS product line ensures the mineral supply for high performance. The use of CERAVITAL optimises the digestion, and the organically-bound AMINOTRACE trace elements ensure steady performance.

The SCHAUMALAC product line includes the SCHAUMANN probiotic BONVITAL for a healthy gut, CERAVITAL for improved digestion and organically-bound AMINOTRACE trace elements. The amino acid pattern is aligned to the individual production areas. MiZi, the new micro-ionised zinc oxide, is used in all the mineral feeds for piglets.
The DYNAPHOS product line represents a multitude of products with the widest range of SCHAUMANN building

blocks for special feeding situations. Organically-bound AMI-NOTRACE trace elements, CERAVITAL and BONVITAL, as well as for example phytase, monoglycerides (MCM), AktiMag (magnesium glycinate for stress reduction) can be indi-vidually supplemented. In this way, SCHAUMANN can offer every pig farmer the right feed concept with farm-specific solutions for greater production success.

With the new mineral feed product lines, SCHAUMANN is laying the groundwork for the modern, tailor-made, resource-efficient, animal health-promoting and economic pig feed-ing. This makes successful animal production possible.