The new NatuPig product range


A successful start to piglet life with SCHAUMANN

When choosing the right piglet feed, not only age-specific requirements of the animals but also the individual feeding concepts of the farms play an important role. The different farms have a common goal: to create the basis for healthy animals with successful piglet rearing, which convince with high gains in fattening and stable performance in breeding. With the new NatuPig range for piglet rearing, SCHAUMANN provides the right solution for every age as well as different farm structures and requirements.

The new product range is divided into two product lines (see Fig.). Depending on the feeding strategy, each farm can choose between feeds completely based on plants or with added high-quality animal protein sources. Both product lines contain the active ingredients which have proven themselves in the mineral feed line "NatuPig", the algae product CERAGEL, the probiotic CERABAC and the fermentation product CERAVITAL XP.

The selection of highly digestible components in combination with the various SCHAUMANN active ingredients meets the requirements for age-appropriate and secure piglet rearing. The coordinated interaction of the various active ingredients supports the optimal utilisation of nutrients, intestinal health and thus animal health and ultimately performance.