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More performance and more fertility with the new SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO feed fat

The use of rumen-protected feed fats to improve the energy supply and relieve the rumen has been successfully established in dairy cattle feeding for years. The new SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO is the logical further development of the successful SCHAUMANN ENERGY feed fat product line and has shown an impressive effect on milk yield and milk fat content in practical tests.

ISF Schaumann Research used the latest results from international studies to develop an innovative and unique feed fat concept with an ideal fatty acid pattern for high-performance cows. In practical studies at Gut Hülsenberg, the optimum ratio of C16:0 to C18:1 fatty acids in SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO led to an increase in milk yield of up to 1.6 liters per animal per day compared to classic Schaumann Energy. The fat content of the milk increased by 0.1%, so that the increase in energy-corrected milk quantity was 1.8 kg (see figure). At the same time, SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO stabilises body condition and fertility and improves persistence.

SCHAUMANN ENERGY PRO convinces in the practical test at Gut Hülsenberg