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New product range of mineral feed for pigs

Schaumann lays the foundation for a modern, needs-based, resource conserving, animal health promoting and economical pig feeding with three clearly structured mineral feed lines. The SCHAUMANN- active ingredients meet all requirements of a modern mineral fed range.



SCHAUMAPHOS-product line


The SCHAUMAPHOS-products ensure the supply for high performance. The fermentation product CERAVITAL optimizes the digestion and organically bound AMINOTRACE-trace elements ensure a stable performance.


SCHAUMALAC-product line


The SCHAUMALAC-products contain our probiotic BONVITAL for an intestinal health, Ceravital for a better digestion and organically bound AMINOTRACE-trace elements for reduced heavy metal excretion. The amino acid pattern is balanced for the different production areas. All mineral feeds for piglets contain the innovative active ingredient MIZI as micronized zinc oxide.


DYNAPHOS-product line


For special feeding situation the DYNAPHOS-products are available with the different SCHAUMANN-components. An individual supplementation with organically bound AMINOTRACE- trace elements, CERAVITAL and BONVITAL as well as for example phytase, mono glyceride (MCM), AKTIMAG (magnesium glycinate for stress reduction) is possible. SCHAUMANN offers every pig farmers the right feeding concept an individual solution for success in the stable.