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Boosting the productivity of your sows - feeding as a key management function

In the suckling period the foundations are laid for the development of the litter. During pregnancy it is important to make up for lost body mass by adjusting the feed and supporting the growth and condition of young sows in the shed. So first you need to ascertain the status of their condition! Besides measuring back fat and side fat, BCS (Body Condition Scoring) is often used.

 BCS Condition  Description  Shape 
 5 Adipose Hips and spine heavily covered with fat Beaded, bulged
 4 Significant
fat cover
Hips and spine can not be felt Tendency to bulge
 3,5 Medium
fat cover
Hips and spine are felt hardly Roundish
 3 Standard Hips and spine can be felt
with slight pressure
Slightly rounded
 2,5 Thin Hips and spine can be felt
without pressure
Slightly rounded,
but with a flat side
 2 Very thin  Hips and spine are easily visible Ribs / spines are
easily palpated
 1 Emaciated  Hips and spine are very visible  Skeleton

To avoid high weight losses during suckling, we recommend doing the following:

  • Avoid major changes of feed around parturition
  • Use special parturition feed
  • Optimise feed hygiene (preserve cereals with Schaumasil, or SchaumaCid for liquid feed hygiene)
  • Support intestinal health, e.g. with Bonvital and the feed acid SchaumaCid



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