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Heat-related loss of performance in breeding sows? It doesn’t have to be that way!

High temperatures and high humidity in the summer not only cause heat exhaustion in sows but also a prolonged farrowing time, lack of milk and loss of body mass. There are several things the farmer can do to prevent heat stress in the summer months.


Change behaviour

  • Postpone any additional stress factors such as rehousing or vaccination to the cool evening or night hours. 
  • Spray the sows and, if possible, the roof surfaces with water. 
  • high air rates during the day, but when temperatures decrease the air velocity should be reduced.
  • Ensure an adequate water supply and good air circulation.
  • avoid direct radiation in the stable.
  • also heat lamps and heat plates addiantial heat the stable. Uis it only if necessary.

Ensure feed intake and adjust ration


Pigs can only rid themselves of excess body heat and metabolic energy by breathing faster (panting) and restricting their feed intake. A temperature rise of one degree reduces the feedintake of lactating sows about approximately 100 - 150 g daily.

  • Provide appetising components and high-quality rations. 
  • Use rations that do not overload the metabolism, i.e. with lower crude protein levels and easily available energy sources. 
  • Provide plenty of water.

Monitor dung consistency


Loss of moisture through the airways by panting can cause dry dung and reduced intestinal peristalsis. Harmful microorganisms are not expelled quickly enough, which can give rise to MMA.

  • Ensure an adequate water supply

Stabilise hygiene in feed and drink pipes

  • Use preservative preparations to suppress yeasts and other harmful micro-organisms. 
  • Feed more frequently with smaller portions.

Ensure a good energy supply


When sows eat less they take in less energy and a deficient accommondation with Mineral elements and vitamins.

  • Increase the energy density in the ration (crude fat content up to 5%). 
  • Feed vitamin-rich top dressings to support the metabolism.


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