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The new SCHAUMANN hygiene powder PROFIDRY drains humidity stables

The use of hygiene powder as litter in stables for poultry and pigs optimize the result of regular cleaning and disinfection measures. SCHAUMANN now developed the new hygiene powder PROFIDRY. With increased water binding capacity PROFIDRY distinguishes itself from conventional products and provides efficiency for low germ load, better indoor climate and non-slippery surface.


Unclean, humid and slippery farrowing nests are a big problem especially in piglet production. Humid farrowing nests offer optimal condition for the developmenting of germs. PROFIDRY absorbs the humidity and provides a dry, non-slippery surface. The danger of straddle of the piglets is reduced. Also in the area for serving and waiting hygiene powder brings, scattered behind the sow, stability and decreases the germ burden.


The more absorbent the product is, the more efficient it is


Water binding capacity is an essential quality of hygiene powders. The water absorption capacity of PROFIDRY was further increased in comparison to PROFISTREU. Also comparative test of PROFIDRY with conventional hygiene powder (see figure “Water absorption capacity”) confirmed the much higher water binding capacity of PROFIDRY.

This characteristic provides significant advantages in practical use. The absorbent product can be therefore be used less frequently and applied in lesser amounts in comparison with conventional hygiene powder to achieve the same effect. Thus the quantity per m² can be reduced by 26 – 30 % compared to conventional hygiene powder.


Special composition of PROFIDRY optimizes the stable environment


Due to the high water absorption capacity of PROFIDRY ammonia formation is reduced, thus improving the indoor climate and creating an optimal microclimate directly in the farrowing area. Ethereal oils also enhance the effect. The mineral carrier components included are pH-active and so PROFIDRY limits with a pH of 3,5 the development of pathogenic germs such as Clostridium perfringers, E. coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. Flies are also reduced due to the dehydration of larvae.


Benefits by waiving algae additives, copper and zinc


The use of algae additives was consciously abstained from, to avoid crusting and smudges which constitute a danger of slipping. PROFIDRY does not contain critical components such as copper and zinc, which pollute the environment and endanger the location and negatively affect the processes in biogas plants. The hygiene powder PROFIDRY can not replace DLG-listed disinfectant, but it is a useful supplement to improve the hygienic conditions and helps to optimize the stable environment.


Consistency of hygienic powder PROFIDRY

Consistency of PROFIDRY (left) in comparision to conventional hygienic powder (right)
Through the addition of the same amount of water SCHAUMANN hygiene powder PROFIDRY remains dry, during conventional hygiene powder shows a grubbily consistency.

Water absorption capacity of hygiene powder PROFIDRY

Water absorption capacity of different hygiene powder in comparison