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Hülsenberg Estate: Website with virtual tour of our farming operations

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The website gives visitors vivid, informative and comprehensive insights into our farming operations.


Hülsenberg Estate provides optimum conditions for animal welfare and thus ideal prerequisites for maximum performance. Online visitors are able to take a virtual tour of our animal housing systems to gain an overview of how we implement animal welfare.


The side also contains interesting information about the past and present of Hülsenberg Estate. The estate, located in Wahlstedt, today comprises about 600 ha arable land, a dairy farm with about 210 cows, and two biogas plants.


Hülsenberg Estate is where research meets practice - the estate has been home to ISF Schaumann Research since mid-2013. The virtual tour available on our new website also provides visitors with useful information about our Technology Centre and modern laboratories.


Hülsenberg Estate serves not only as a research and communication centre, but also as a venue for seminars and training events, where it allows participants to gain valuable direct insights into the operating conditions of a working farm.


The website also contains further information, press releases and visitor information


Star your visit of Hülsenberg Estate with a virtual tour at


Gut Hülsenberg GmbH – Wiesenweg 32 – 23812 Wahlstedt
Telephone: +49 4554 9993-0
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