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Gut Hülsenberg: An extraordinary success at the farmstead

24.04.2014 - Four dairy cows with a lifetime productivity of 100.000 kg


In 2010 five dairy cows achieved a lifetime productivity of 100.000 kg of milk at Gut Hülsenberg. This year four dairy cows have been honored for their high lifetime productivity of 100.000 kg of milk again.


This extraordinary performance results from good housing conditions as well as excellent feeding management. A high comfort in the stable and feeding coordinated with the needs of the dairy cow and its production guarantee high single- and also annually performance.


 Gut Hülsenberg keeps 230 dairy cows with a production of 11.300 kg of milk each (milk containing 3.80 % protein, 3.20 % fat). After building the new cubicle house and restoring and modifying the old cubicle house in 2010, 123 resting boxes and another 105 resting boxes in addition to three deep litter boxes for calving were ready for use. Both stables are characterized by an open construction method and an isolated roof surface. The lateral ventilation is controlled by roller blinds. In the newly built stable the slatted floor is covered by rubber, in order to contribute to the hoof health and improve the overall well-being of the dairy cow. The process of milking is done in a Double-12er-Side-by-Side-parlour.


After the reconstruction of the young stock barn in 2012 there are 134 modern boxes available, meeting the special need of dairy cows and their calves. Calves older than 5 months are raised under perfectly suitable conditions.


Since 2013 Gut Hülsenberg offers additionally 100 places for the calf rearing, due to the newly built calving house. This calving house is divided in three areas: single pen, deep litter and resting boxes.



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