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The effectivness of PROVITA LE is confirmed by the FH Bingen

trail with PROVITA LE: daily gain in g

A current trail with rearing calves confirms again the potential of PROVITA LE, the probiotic for calves. There could be observed a significant improvement in daily gains and feed conversion rate of animals. Hence the health Status of animals could be improved.  



Trail design at FH Bingen

80 male calves were divided into a control and trail Group and within 7 weeks all animals were fed with the same milk replacer. PROVITA LE was additional added in the milk replacer of trail group. The concentration ofthe milk replacer was 125 g per l water. 8 liter was the maximum intake. After the 6th week the calves were weaned. The animals receive TMR adlibitum at trough. The calves were housed at an Age of 14-21days.


recorded data


Following datas are documented: daily intake of milk replacer/ animal/ day, weekly amount of TMR per Group, additionally single animla weight with digital continuous scale. The health Status would be recorded as subjective evaluationat daily control corridor. 


Result: better feed efficincy

Using PROVITA LE during the trail Periode higher daily weight gains were measured. Both Groups started at nearly similar average weights of 63 and 63,1 kg/ per animal. The control group weight finally in average 108,1 kg. The final weight of the group with PROVITA LE was about 5,1 kg higher. The daily grins increased 90 g,this means 11,1 % form 805 g to 895 g. Due to the fact that in the first weeks the intake of the milk replacer was identically and the intake of the TMR was very low, the calves in the trail group have a higher weight gain also in this period.



Result: Better feed efficiency


After the suckling Periode the calves also have a higher feed intake (+ 5,8% dry feed). The Energie efficency  (the energy Input for on kg of weight gain) was calculated on the basis of dry matter intake and daily gains. The calves of the trail group fed 5,8 % mor of the dry-TMR and the daily gain was 11,1 % higher than in control group. So the energy intake was with 25,4 MJ ME per kg ingrowth reduced about 8 % (s.chart).


Result better health Status


Overall the health status was well, but the number of animals with dairrhea and medical Treatment were 17 in the control group and only seven in the trail group. The evaluation of faces showed no differences between the group.


Feed efficient and daily gain due to PROITA LE




Die ohne PROVITA LE gefütterten Kälber in der Kontrollgruppe des Versuchs benötigten ca. 6 Tage zusätzlich, bis sie das Gewicht der Versuchskälber erreichten. Verursacht eine Fütterung ohne PROVITA LE also einen höheren Futterverbrauch und eine um eine Woche längere Beanspruchung des Stallplatzes, entstehen dadurch höhere Kosten. Der höhere Aufwand an tierärztlichen Maßnahmen stellt einen weiteren Kostenfaktor dar. Die Ergebnisse der Versuchsgruppe unterstreichen das große Leistungsvermögen von PROVITA LE. Die Kälber sind gesünder, entwickeln sich schneller und einheitlicher.


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