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Calf rearing - high daily gain-weight with Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinate

25.10.2017 - New trail confirms effects


SCHAUMANN uses exclusively new Aminotrace-Copper and Zinc-Bis-Lysinates in milk replacer and enhancer. The intelligent and modern combination of additives supports rearing of powerful and healthy calves.

Innovative Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinate combine the trace elements copper and zinc with first limiting amino acid lysine. This ensures an optimal availability of the trace elements. It improves feed efficiency and supports the immune system.

New trials at Gut Hülsenberg impressively demonstrate the efficiency of Aminotrace-Copper- and Zinc-Bis-Lysinate. During an 8-week-drinking trough-trial, calves were divided into two groups. The daily weight gain of the control group was about 913 g/day. The trial group with Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinate achieved in comparison to the control group an increase about 4 % (952 g/day).

Furthermore the addition of Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinate improves feed conversion about 7,5 % in the drinking period. The control group needed per kg weight gain 21,5 MJ ME Energy, while calves, with Aminotrace-Bis-Lysinates, need only 20 MJ ME per kg weight gain.

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Increased daily intake during drinking period
improved energy utilisation during drinking period