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Bonsilage – silage additives. Market and innovation leader since 2000.

The quality of forage is important for milk yield, sustainable animal health and thus also for a cost-efficient milk production. The product groups BONSILAGE BASIC, BONSILAGE SPEED and BONSILAGE FIT are the result of intensive research.  The innovative silage additives are specially adapted to your requirements.


BONSILAGE BASIC. Measurably improved feed quality.

The product group BONISLAGE BASIC optimises fermentation process and silage stability, which leads to an improved forage performance. The products increase the amount of undegraded dietary protein (UDP) in the silage. In this way, other protein sources such as soya or rape meal can be saved.

  • BONSILAGE FORTE: : For grass, clover grass and alfalfa silages with lower DM-content.
  • BONSILAGE ALFA: : for alfalfa, clover and other legumes silages.
  • BONSILAGE PLUS: for grass, clover grass, alfalfa, rye silage and whole-crop-Silages > 30 % DM.
  • BONSILAGE MAIS: For corn silage and GPS.
  • BONSILAGE CCM: for corn grain meal and CCM.
  • BONSILAGE GKS: for the treatment of whole grain maize silage in airtight tower silos.


BONSILAGE SPEED. Measurably faster ensiling.


The new, exclusive bacteria strain Lactobacillus diolivorans reduces silage ripening time to two weeks and prevents consumption-reducing aerobic spoilage processes and reheating.

The energy-rich, aerobic stable silages guarantee a high feed intake also in case of fast feed changes.

  • BONSILAGE SPEED G: short silage ripening time and high aerobic stability for grass, clover grasses, alfalfa and rye silages
  • BONSILAGE SPEED M: short silage ripening time and high aerobic stability for corn and whole-crop-Silages


BONSILAGE FIT. Measurably improved cow fitness.


The products of BONSILAGE FIT optimise the energy properties of your silages and ensure high aerobic stability. Feed-related diseases such as acidosis and ketosis can be influenced by the usage of BONSILAGE silage additives. The formation of propylene glycol relives the cow`s metabolism.

  • BONSILAGE FIT G: high aerobic stability of energy-rich grass silages.
  • BONSILAGE FIT M: high aerobic stability of energy rich corn and whole-crop-silages.


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