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BONSILAGE FIT M Measurably improved cow fitness and stability

BONSILAGE FIT M is an unique combination of lactic acid bacteria with the possibility of producing high amounts of propylene glycol in the silage. Per can of BONSILAGE FIT M an average amount of 330 kg propylene glycol is produced (figure 1). These has a very positive effect to the energy metabolism of the animals and improves insemination index and calving interval.


Measurable more stability

In corn silage secondary fermentation is an important issue at opening the silo. By controlling the fermentation and producing enough acetic acid by special lactic acid bacteria (figure 2). Thus, yeasts and moulds, the reason for spoiling, were reduced.

Energy losses and necessary compensation of the nutrients can reach very fast 100 Euro/ha (figure 3). The losses make the silage production 4-6 Euro more expensive.



The silage inoculant BONSILAGE FIT M reduces the risk for secondary fermentation by shifting the fermentation acids to more acetic acid and less lactic acid at similar forming of propylene glycol. This process supports the fitness of the cows and reduces the risk for acidosis and ketosis.

figure 1: one can of BONSILAGE FIT M produces 11 canister of propylene glycol

Figure 2: BONSILAGE FIT M improves the cows health and stabilize the corn silage

figure 3: secondary fermentation is a loss of money

advantages of BONSILAGE FIT M