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BOVIN-S-KOMPLEX – Vitamin trace element combination for cattle

The special vitamin/trace element combination BOVIN-S-KOMPLEX optimises the feeding of dairy cattle, especially with the use of high-protein feed with a high protein degradation rate, such as pasture grass and grass silage.


BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX – Composition


BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX is a special vitamin/trace element combination that supports the rumen metabolism and reduces the formation of ammonia in the forestomach. SCHAUMANN research developed BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX about 20 years ago to reduce excess protein when using high-protein feeds with a high protein degradation rate (85% and more), such as pasture grass and grass silage.




BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX directly influences the digestive processes in the forestomachs. The drop in the pH-value in the rumen is reduced and the acetic acid/propionic acid ratio is optimised. This increases feed intake and energy supply to the rumen bacteria, resulting in higher bacterial protein synthesis. This leads to more available protein in the small intestine and at the same time, increased methionine and lysine enrichment. The optimised rumen conditions also support the energy metabolism.


BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX – The results


BONVIN-S-KOMPLEX supports the rumen metabolism and optimises the energy metabolism.


The result:

  • Higher feed intake
  • More favourable conditions in the rumen
  • Better protein supply
  • More favourable blood parameter values
  • Higher milk yields and milk protein content.

Description of the BOVIN-S KOMPLEX


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