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BONVITAL – the probiotic feed additive

BONVITAL is an exclusive development arising from SCHAUMANN research and is the probiotic alternative for reliable performance in broiler fattening and pig production - from sow to piglet to fattening pig.


How BONVITAL works


BONVITAL consists of live lactic acid bacteria that build up a biological protective lining in the intestines of pigs and poultry. The probiotic bacteria alter the animal's intestinal flora actively and naturally.


This has numerous benefits for the animal's health:


  • Formation of short-chain fatty acids changes the intestinal environment
  • pH values in the intestine are lowered, which impacts positively on the intestinal environment
  • Stimulates the local immune system in the intestine
  • Improves the absorption capacity
  • Impacts positively on the intestinal mucosa
  • Pathogenic bacteria are suppressed, preventing them from attaching themselves to the intestinal mucosa

Probiotic bacteria can only exert their positive effect if they populate the intestine in sufficient numbers, so probiotic active ingredients must be supplied regularly.


Quality - signed, sealed and delivered


BONVITAL has EU-wide authorisation, guaranteeing bacteria strains that are microbiologically precisely defined, highly stable and reliably effective.


The authorisation for BONVITAL was granted based on the results of precision effectiveness trials by independent institutes. These trials also examined its physical/chemical properties such as mixing stability and storage, and verified the absolute safety of the probiotic microorganisms for humans, animals and the environment.


Higher weaning weight and higher feed intake with BONVITAL

BONVITAL leads in piglet feeding on healthy, fast growing piglets. Increased vitality and better feed conversion improve the efficiency of breeding and provide an ideal basis for sustained positive fattening results

Impact of BONVITAL on weight loss of sows during 28 days of suckling

BONVITAL has it's positive effect especially on the weight gain of sows. The live weight loss of sows during lactation per weaned piglet is less than for sows who do not get BONVITAL.

Impact of BONVITAL on daily weight gain (g/day) with fattening pigs

When using BONVITAL in pig fattening improving figures are essential. BONVITAL increases the average daily gain and supports feed conversion per kg at the same time.

Higher end weight and better feed conversion with BONVITAL in broiler production

The positive effect of BONVITAL in broiler production on gut health could be detected. In addition to improved feed intake and growth vigor of the animals could be increased. An improved growth and better feed conversion affect the economy positively.


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